Workshop: Tools for Fast Relief

Meets two Times (Pick Your Date):
May 5, 2017 OR July 29, 2017

“When the only tool you have is a hammer
everything tends to look like a nail.”
—Abraham Maslow

Do you want some quick tools for dealing without your anger? Do you not have the time or interest to commit to a group that meets for several weeks, or months?

If so, this workshop is for you.

We will meet for 3 hours on a Saturday. You will learn a variety of tools to help you reduce your anger and your anger responses. You will also receive handouts that contain the material. There will be a short refreshment break, and time for Q & A at the end.

Meeting Address:
25500 Hawthorne Blvd., Ste. 1220 Torrance, CA 90505

Cost: $69 for one three-hour workshop, including all course materials.
Payment is due at the start of the workshop. There is no refund.

For reservations (required) or for further information, please contact:
Sheila Hatcher, M.A.

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